March 23 2019 02:53:16
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Thursday 14th June
Ride discussed but not agreed as yet. Options were weets with the new descent / route off the top or worsthorne pipe. Any ride for me. Discuss.
sgt bilko
Not out this week guys, late night opening, so have a good one...bikewhz

Might be able to roadie to the pub though..drinkbeer
Iím out weets suits me
New member joined Adam called Colin. Lives on your street so ideal if he is out as well.
peter ritchie
Yep I'll be out for this
weets it is, I'm on it!
Weets it is then.
7.00 at white bear barrowford or 7.20pm at the bottom of ball house lane in colne or 7.30 pm at the top of ball house lane in colne.
See you there.
Pub can be anchor at salterforth or foulridge club or both.
yes, and there may be some breaking news about a certain members bike situation...
Am out n cool with Weets bikeer
back for more eh col! good on ya
LOL.... Bruises just going
Stevie G
Yes, bike update. New bike purchased but yet to take delivery.

So planning on meeting you at the Anchor or Foulridge club, on the now single speed Stumpy.

I fully expect it to be pi$$ing it down.
Calm Down
There is life in that stumpy yet Stevie and I would be somewhat shocked, dismayed even, if the stumpys new home was soon to become in onionville, AKA, Bilko towers. From there I would expect to see either the stumpy stripped for spares to assist other stumpys live a long and prosperous life OR maybe even the old stumpy will have a new back end grafted on to her and go on to see many more Thursdays , albeit with a new jockey at the helm. Why replace with new parts when 2nd hand can be used, the mantra of a true club icon. I suspect the Stevie Gee stumpys life is not yet over, as long as sarge is breathing, it will have a good life ahead of it. Servicing is a dirty word and not to be used in jest.
sgt bilko
licky mmm haven't got a red one..
brilliant news stevie, I've checked the forecast and theres no rain tonight. the vultures are circling around the corpse of the stuntjumper! see you tonight fella
Stevie G
Boffer youíve too much time on your hands.

And Iíve seen the way those bikes are treated at Bilko Towers, thereís no way my Stumpy is going there.
Calm Down
bilko towers is the graveyard of bikes, a few of mine have gone that way, its not good!
Not out now bike has had to go to the shop wonít be ready till Saturday.
Will see you all at bottom of Gisburn old Rd 7:30 ish
Downhill Daz
Weets? Brilliant. Have I been looking forward all week to a 2 mile tarmac climb? Clarky, when you retiring from the club?
I'll be at bottom of ball bag about 7.20.

Stevie, we knew you could do it. Well done fella!! Let your old bike do a couple of weeks test at Onionville. You never know, it might quite like the feeling of slugs crawling all over its chasis!!!
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22-02-2019 10:04
New club tops to be ordered end of Feb 19. Contact Daz if you want one.

16-01-2019 00:41
Must be... Its new year tongue

15-01-2019 20:55
Are them club tops ordered

17-12-2018 16:05
New Club tops being ordered before new year - see thread

22-09-2018 11:46
Check the bike challenge today down at Burke track. See new thread for info.

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