March 23 2019 02:34:35
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Clarkys 50th birthday / Lakes trip
Dear all, this is the last email regarding the trip, so please read it as opposed to texting me on the day of the trip asking whats it all about.

The trip is Saturday 30th June.

We are staying at the youth hostel in Ambleside which is located on the waterfront just outside the town centre of Ambleside. Please note there are 2 youth hostels. Don't go to the wrong one. Its the Waterhead branch which is post code LA22 OEU

We are staying overnight for one night at a cost of 35.00 per person. There may be a small refund due to everyone as rooms had to be booked / cancelled etc meaning some paid more than others but the average cost is about 33.00 quid ish. Will sort you out with any change if anys due. No breakfast in the morning but you can buy it on the day or go into town for breakfast if you wish to do so. Youth hostel has its own bar attached overlooking the lake with outside seating etc.

The plan is as follows: Meet at the Kirkstone Pass pub which is on the road from Ambleside over the Kirkstone Pass and sits on the brow of the hill. Its post code LA229LQ. We can meet there at 11.00 am on Saturday morning.
Once we all meet up we can drive down the road and find a suitable parking place to start the ride. The ride is a mixture of High St and Ullswater path which some of us have done before and takes several hours. After the ride we can have a drinky at a local pub and some can either ride back to the youth hostel or we all drive back.

The parking at the youth hostel is limited and likely to be full when we get there. It always is. Alternative parking can be found either 100 yards up the Rd on a big car park next to the Waterhead pub. Its free overnight parking there. Alternatively there is a few local free car parking spots on the rd into town.

At the youth hostel I have booked 3 lots of rooms for 3 people and one room for 6 people so 15 in total. I have booked and will pay on the day for all 15 rooms. Everyone is fully paid up.

The meal at night had had to be booked because Ambleside is very small / busy and no-one was able to take us without booking. We have booked Jintana Thai restaurant in Ambleside town centre which is across from the cinema on the one way system. Meal is booked for 7.30 pm ish. I have had to pay a 70.00 deposit on the meal which I will reclaim on the night once the final bill arrives.

People going are as follows:

Stevie Gee / paid
Clarky / paid
Carlos / paid
Bilko / paid
Biffa / paid
Pete Ritchie / paid
Dazzler / paid
Bruce / paid
Riley / paid
Barley John / paid / now cancelled due to broken wrist off oil rd descent.
Stu / paid
Dunc / paid
Darnbrook / paid
Fraz / paid
Mick Hartley (Colne) / Paid

Final thing to arrange is transport up there and back so can you please let me know what your plans are as we are trying to avoid people taking too many cars.

Any questions please ask.

Thanks for your time and looking forward to seeing you on the day.
For those that were not able to come on the trip sadly the hostel is now full and the meal is also full so squeezing you in is not a possibility. There will of course be other trips later in the year.

If anyone cant make it, please let me know as the youth hostel are desperate for cancellations.


Driving arrangements:

Biffa & Dunc in my car. Two free slots if anyone needs them.
Carlos, Stevie and Clarky in the carlos love bus.
Sarge, Pete and Stu.
Daz turner and adam in daz car.
Fraz and Mick in micks van.
Edited by BOFFER on 27-06-2018 16:09
well done boffer, very comprehensive

I've checked strava and the last time we did the ride it was 14 miles and 3 hrs. So its not that far but its quite tecchy.

I think we should ride into Patterdale or somewhere like that after the ride to have a beer.

I'd like to book a space in your car boffer! cheers
Good thinking Sean. The ride ends in patterdale centre so several pubs to choose from. I will take myself, you, barley john and dunc so that's 4 of us sorted. Can you let dunc know that we will pick him up 9.15 ish on sat morning.
yep cheers boffer
After Sean and Stevie sounding a tad upset last night that I was going up on Friday and the Carl love bus would not be in play I have been to the garage to see if he can fit a tow bar, good news fellow love buses I will have it fitted next week, and just for you guys I will now be going up on Saturday.
I will fill the car with my special tunes.
So you both up for it?
Stevie G
Carlos wrote:

After Sean and Stevie sounding a tad upset last night that I was going up on Friday and the Carl love bus would not be in play I have been to the garage to see if he can fit a tow bar, good news fellow love buses I will have it fitted next week, and just for you guys I will now be going up on Saturday.
I will fill the car with my special tunes.
So you both up for it?

You're right the thought of going on a Club trip by any other means than by the Carlos love bus has been very upsetting. So yes I'm in. Although, I note Clarky was very quick to jump ship.
Already looking foward to being told how Elvis is actually alive and well and living as a transgender taxi driver in Sabden, Paul McCartney is dead and being impersonated by a lookalike taxidermist and Bilko is not a tax dodger but an eccentric multimillionaire tax exile.
Edited by Stevie G on 15-06-2018 22:44
Calm Down
That's great news Carlos, I'm definitely on it! Sorry boffer but the pull of the love bus is too much to resist!
Excellent. I'll bring the 6 incher and the lubes.
You can bring the pump &#128518;
Stevie G
Calm Down
Not a problem Clarky. I have text Dunc to ask him for his address. In the meantime I have a couple of slots free in my car now if anyone wants them. ta
sgt bilko
I'm taking Stu. Possibly take another one if needed,
Downhill Daz
Howdo Bilks, are you taking Pete as well as Stu?

I plan to go in mine with Adam. Mick H is very kindly transporting the bikes in his van.

Thanks for the offer B-offer (see what I did there) but I'll stick with the original plan. Spoke to the YHA today and sounds like there's plenty of parking in and around.

What we doing for bedrooms? Anybody want to share a 3 with me and hair gel boy?
No problem Daz. The YHA haven't been honest with you there as parking is scarce unless you pay. The YHA parking is full 24/7 so forget that. The surrounding parking is always full sdo forget that. There is a huge pay and display on the waterfront next to waterhead pub which is free after 8.00 pm at night until 8.00 am next day but that means getting up early to shift it and buy a morning ticket. There is some on road parking up the road but its usually full. Hence why I am trying to deter people from driving as parking is very difficult as its ambleside on a Saturday in the hottest summer for 30 years. ta
Thanks to everyone who turned up and made it a great weekend and also thanks to boffer for organising! Some great riding and a good night out! Cheers
sgt bilko
Yep cheers Boffer for sorting it all out. wickedd

Top event all round.2thumbs Great Ridingbikewhz, great company, groupgreat weatherangryy. What more can you ask for ?

A new bike ? Yep. Even sorted that Pfft. Watch this space. bikeer
Well, you say new !
I think you mean pre-loved.
do tell sarge!
Big up to Boffa for the planning. Big hills, big rides, big grins,big laughs, and small tight shorts (Original Mick Hartley)&#128514;
You beautiful bunch of **** taking B'stardsgroup
Stevie G
Can only echo the above comments. Fantastic weekend.

Cheers for organising Boffer.

Sarge you haven't been smoking one of Carlos's funny cigarettes have you?
Calm Down
sgt bilko
It's a Spesh!
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New club tops to be ordered end of Feb 19. Contact Daz if you want one.

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New Club tops being ordered before new year - see thread

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